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Aftermarket Caterpillar and Komatsu Gear pump, Steering pump and Transmission pump
06.14.2022 | Construction Machinery Spare Parts | Blog&Share

Aftermarket Caterpillar and Komatsu Gear pump, Steering pump and Transmission pump


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Diret factory for all kinds of Aftermarket Gear pump, Steering pump, Transmission pump, Hydraulic pump, Fuel pump transfer for Komatsu and Caterpillar bulldozer, wheel loader


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Product present:

Aftermarket CAT D6D Gear pump, Steering pump 3P6814 3P-6814, PUMP GP-GEAR 3P6814



Aftermarket CATERPILLAR 4N4864 4N-4864 PUMP GROUP-FUEL TRANSFER (7S4430, 2423442, 7S4439)



Aftermarket Caterpillar CAT930 Fuel supply pump, Hydraulic Transmission Pump 3S2616 3S-2616, PUMP GP-TRANSMISSION for CAT 930 950 960F

Aftermarket Caterpillar Fuel Pump Transfer 4N4873 4N-4873, 4N4873 FUEL TRANSFER PUMP GROUP (7S5445)

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Aftermarket Caterpillar Gear pump 3P4002 3P-4002, GEAR PUMP GROUP 3P4002 For D9G, D8J



Aftermarket Caterpillar Gear pump 5M7864 5M-7864, PUMP GROUP-SCAVENGE,Scavenging Pump, for D7F,D7G, D6D, Caterpillar Transmission Oil Pump 5M7864



Aftermarket Caterpillar Gear pump 7S4629 7S-4629, Transmission pump 7S4629 for 950B



Aftermarket Komatsu Gear pump 14X-49-11600, Scavenging Pump,UMP GROUP-SCAVENGE, for D65P,D65EX,D65PX-12



Aftermarket Komatsu Gear pump 175-13-23500, 1751323500 Scavenging Pump, PUMP GROUP-SCAVENGE, for Komatsu TY220,TY320,D85,D155A-1,D65A,D65E,D65P-8, D85A,D85E,D85P-18,175-13-23500 hydraulic gear pump for Bulldozer D85A-21/D65P-11


Email: [email protected]   whatsapp: 86-18630852087    website: www.votai.net www.liugongxcmgparts.com


All product list 


1 Gear pump 07429-71203 Steering pump TY130/D53/D50,16 TEETH,CBJ40-B28A, 13 TEETH,   D53A/D53PS-16/17:D575-1/D58E-1

2 Gear pump 07429-72103 Steering pump right rotation D50-18

3 Gear pump 07430-72203(72201) Steering pump TY160/D60/D65A/P/E/PL-6/8
4 Gear pump 07432-71203(71201) Transmission pump TY160/TY220/D65A/P/E/PL-6/8;D85A/E/P-18
5 Gear pump 07432-72103 Steering pump D80A-12
6 Gear pump 07432-72203 Transmission pump TY130/D53A/P/S-16/17;D575-1;D58E-1;D75S-2
7 Gear pump 10Y-75-12000 TY130/D53A/P/S-16/17;D575-1;D58E-1;D75S-2
8 Gear pump 07433-71103 Transmission pump TY320/D85A-12/D155A-1-2-2A
9 Gear pump 07433-72400 Main clutch pump D60A-8/P/E-8/D70LE
10 Gear pump 07436-72202(72203) Steering pump TY220/TY230/D85
11 Gear pump 07438-72202 Transmission pump D355A-3/5;SD42
12 Gear pump 07440-72202 Steering pump TY320/D155A-1-2/D155C-1
13 Gear pump 07441-67503(67502) Working pump TY160/D60/D65/D70A/E/P/PL-8
14 Gear pump 07442-71102 Steering pump D355A-3/5;SD42;D355C-3
15 Gear pump 07442-72202 Steering pump D475
16 Gear pump 07443-67504(67503) Working pump D60A/E/P/PL-6;D65-A/E/P/PL-6
17 Gear pump 07444-67103(66200) Working pump TY220/D85/D80A/E/P-18
18 Gear pump 07446-66103(66200) Working pump TY320/D155A-1-2-2A/D155C-1
19 Gear pump 07448-66107(66102)66200 Working pump D355A-1/3;DS42
20 Gear pump 175-13-23500 Scavenging Pump、PUMP GROUP-SCAVENGE TY220/TY320/D85/D155A-1/D65A/E/P-8:D85A/E/P-18
21 Gear pump 704-11-38100 Working pump D53A-16/D53A-17/D53A/P/8;D575-1
22 Gear pump 704-12-38100 Working pump D50-16/D50-17
23 Gear pump 10Y-01-04000 Working pump TY130B
24 Gear pump 705-12-32010 Steering pump D41-3
25Gear pump07421-71401
26 Gear pump 705-41-01050 D65P-12
27 Gear pump 705-21-32050(32051) Transmission pump TY230/D85A/E-21;D85A-21D
28 Gear pump 705-30-31203 Transmission / Steering pump D60;D60A/E/P/PL-6
29 Gear pump 705-51-30190 Working pump (left) TY230/D85A-21-21/21D
30 Gear pump 705-11-38210 Transmission pump D85A/E-21;D85A-21D;D155A-3/5
31 Gear pump 705-51-30290 Transmission / Steering pump SD32/D155A-3/5
32 Gear pump 07400-40500 Transmission / Steering pump,Right rotation D60A/P/E-8;D70LE
33 Gear pump 07400-30200 D50-15;D50A/P-16;D53
34 Gear pump 07400-30100 D75-3
35 Gear pump 14X-49-11600 Scavenging Pump 、PUMP GROUP-SCAVENGE D65P/EX/PX-12
36Gear pump22Y-74-23000Transmission / Steering pump
37 Gear pump 07430-72301 Steering pump D60A/D60P/D60E-8;D70LE
38 Gear pump 195-49-34100 Scavenging Pump 185-74-18000 D375A-3/D375A-5;SD52
39Gear pump07421-71401
40 Gear pump 705-12-40240 Transmission pumpTransmission pump WA450
41 Gear pump 705-11-36110 LW200
42 Gear pump 705-11-36040 Transmission pumpTransmission pump W260
43 Gear pump 705-12-36011 WA150
44Gear pump07436-66102(24G-67-01000)
45Gear pump24G-74-09000
46Gear pump14Y-74-23000
47Gear pump14Y-74-26000
48 Gear pump 3G4768 3G-4768 Working pump D6D
49 Gear pump 2P9239(1150637) Transmission pump(R24624) D7F/D7G/D9K/D9H/571G
50 Gear pump 3S2616 3S-2616 CAT930 Fuel supply pump 930;950; 960F
51 Gear pump 5M7864 5M-7864 PUMP GROUP-SCAVENGE;Scavenging Pump D7F/D7G;D6D
52 Gear pump 7S4629 7S-4629 Transmission pump 950B
53 Gear pump 3P6816 3P-6816 Transmission pump D6D
54 Gear pump 3P6814 3P-6814 Steering pump D6D
55 Gear pump 3P4002 3P-4002 D9G;D8J
56Gear pump07446-66200
57Gear pump16Y-75-24000
58Gear pump16Y-76-06000
59Gear pump16Y-61-01000
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