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Aftermarket oil pump ME034664 ME-034664 for Mitsubishi 6D14 6D14T 6D15T 6D16 6D16T 6D17
04.17.2022 | LIUGONG & XCMG Parts | Oil pump

Aftermarket oil pump ME034664 ME-034664 for Mitsubishi 6D14 6D14T 6D15T 6D16 6D16T 6D17

OIL PUMP ME034664 for MITSUBSIHI Spare parts HD700 HD900

Use for Mitsubish 6D14 6D14T 6D15T 6D16 Oil Pump ME034664

6D16 FUSO Engine Auto Oil Pump For Mitsubishi 26100-93000 ME034664, Two type 48 teeth and 59 Teeth

This engine have two type oil pump, pls check the teeth details before ordering
OEM OIL PUMP for Mitsubishi FUSO 6D16 TRUCK ME034664

MITSUBISHI MODELS: FUSO FIGHTER & CANTERS,6D14 6D15 6D16 6D17 6D22 6D24 6D40 6M61 6M60 6M51 6M70 8M20 8DC9 8DC10 8DC10 etc.
4D32 4D33 4D34 4D35 4M40 4M41 4M42 4M50 4M51 4D55 4D56

OEM: ME034664 ME-034664 ME074253 ME-074253
Description: Oil pump
Model: Mitsubish 6D14 6D14T 6D15T 6D16 6D17
Engine Type: Diesel
Specification: 48/59 teeth
Package includes: Oil Pump x1
Net weight: 3.05 kgs
Condition: New aftermarket product
Warranty: 12 monthes
Material: Iron & Aluminum
Transport Package: Neutral Packing
Specification: STD
Origin: China



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Mitsubishi 4D56 L200 L300 OIL PUMP MD050556 MD155612
Mitsubishi 4D34T 4G64 CANTER 4D32 OIL PUMP 26110-45001 MD155612
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