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Dust proof cover for SANY Motor grader Brake wheel cylinder
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Dust proof cover for SANY Motor grader Brake wheel cylinder

Dust proof cover for SANY Motor grader Brake wheel cylinder

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Dust proof cover for SANY Motor grader Brake wheel cylinder

Product Specification:

Part Name: Dust proof cover, Dust cover, Dust seal
Part Number: SANY Grader
Application Model and OE Number: SANY Motor grader brake wheel cylinder
Shipping Weight: 0.2 KG

Condition: New
Country/Region of Manufacture: China
Number of Pieces: 1
Type: Fuel Injector Assembly
Warranty: 3 Month
Fast Shipping: Dust proof cover, Dust cover for SANY Grader will be shipped out in 1-3 days by DHL/FEDEX/UPS/TNT and arrive in 6-8 working days
Material: Rubber

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A810201069001 旋转接头P190.26.21 Swivel joint
A810201069012 钢管接头PQ190.19.7 Adaptor
A810201069078 挡料盖LHZ25C.1.8.2 Material stop cover
A810201069080 挡料罩LHZ25C.1.4.2 Material stop cover
A810201069379 泵(左)法兰PQ190A.19.11 Pump left flange
A810201069538 钢管接头PQ190Ⅱ.19.2L Adaptor
A810201070006 仪表台YZ18.8A.1.2 Instrument Panel YZ18.8A.1.2
A810201070010 油门操纵系统YZ18.8A.3 Accelerator Control System
A810201070071 转向操纵系统YL25A.10.1 Steering control system
A810201070162 左远控盒LTU120-2.13 Left remote control box
A810201070206 固定板YZC12.7.2.1L Fixed Plate YZC12.7.2.1L
A810201070221 座椅支承YZC12ⅡA.8.2 Seat bearing
A810201070242 左远程控制盒DTU95.13 Left remote control box
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A810201071056 仪表台WTU95.10.1 Instrument Panel WTU95.10.1
A810201071059 仪表台LTL60S.10.3 Instrument Panel
A810201071085 仪表台LTU120C.10.1 Instrument Panel
A810201071105 仪表台外协组合LTU120-2.10A.1.5 Instrument desk outsource combination
A810201071113 仪表台LTL60S.10A.2 Instrument Panel
A810201071121 仪表台YZ18Ⅱ.8.1.1 Instrument panel
A810201071127 操纵台YZC12ⅡA.8.1 Operation Console Galaxy
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A810201071130 仪表台外协组合LTU120-2.10A.1.5T Instrument panel combination by outsourc
A810201071138 仪表台LTU90C.10.3 Instrument Panel
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A810201072107 远程控制盒LHZ25C.12.3.1 Remote Controlling case
A810201072109 仪表台箱体LTU120-2.10.1 Instrument panel tank body
A810201072110 左盒体LTU120-2.13.1 Left box body
A810201072111 右盒体LTU120-2.23.1 Right box body
A810201073003 行驶操纵装置YZC12.8.1.2 Driving Control Device YZC12.8.1.2
A810201073005 油门操纵系统YZC12.8.2.1 Accelerator Control System YZC12.8.2.1
A810201076000 齿板座PQ190.8B.4 Teeth plate seat
A810201077034 叉PQ190.27.1.1 Fork PQ190.27.1.1
A810201077035 右升降操纵杆PQ190.27.1 Right Lift Control Lever PQ190.27.1
A810201077037 铲刀引出操纵杆PQ190.27.2 Shovel Lead-out Control Lever
A810201077039 铲刀回转操纵杆PQ190.27.3 Shovel Rotary Control Lever PQ190.27.3
A810201077040 铲角变换操纵杆PQ190.27.4 Shovel Angle Changeover Lever
A810201077041 推土板操纵杆PQ190.27.5 Mould Board Control Lever PQ190.27.5
A810201077042 前轮倾斜操纵杆PQ190.27.6 Front Wheel Inclined Control Lever
SANY Motor grader PQ190II PQ190III PQ190IIIA PQ190C PY190 PQ190 S-JLS220C spare parts, whatsapp 86-18630852087
A810201077043 后松土器换操纵杆PQ190.27.7 Rear Scarifier Changeover Lever
A810201077044 铰接转向操纵杆PQ190.27.8 Hinged Steering Control Lever
A810201077045 铲刀摆动换操纵杆PQ190.27.9 Shovel Swing Changeover Lever
A810201077046 左升降操纵杆PQ190.27.10 Left Lift Control Lever PQ190.27.10
A810201077051 右升降操纵杆PQ190A.27.1 Lift control rod
A810201077053 铲刀回转操纵杆PQ190A.27.3 Shovel swing control rod
A810201077054 铲角变换操纵杆PQ190A.27.4 Shovel angle control rod
A810201077056 前轮倾斜操纵杆PQ190A.27.6 Front wheel inclined control rod
A810201077057 后松土器操纵杆PQ190A.27.7 Rear scarifier control rod
A810201077076 油门软轴拉绳YZ18- Throttle Flexible Shaft Pull Rope
A810201077102 铲刀引出操纵杆PQ190A.27A.2 Shovel Lead-out Control Lever
A810201077103 推土板操纵杆PQ190A.27A.5 Mould Board Control Lever PQ190A.27A.5
A810201077104 铰接转向操纵杆PQ190A.27A.8 Hinged Steering Control Lever
A810201077105 铲刀摆动操纵杆PQ190A.27A.9 Shovel Swing Control Lever
A810201079018 安装板P190.27.11.1 Mounting plate
A810201079029 左支座LTU90.10B.3 Left bracket
A810201079030 右支座LTU90.10B.4 Right bracket
A810201079032 支座PQ190.8B.3 Bracket
A810201079036 下部机构P190.27.11A Lower mechanism
A810201079059 油门操纵器SRS220.8.4.1 Accelerator Control SRS220.8.4.1
A810201079096 油门操纵器SR220SC.8.4.1 Accelerator Control
A810201079158 油门软轴YZ11.8A.3.1 Accelerator Flexible Shaft
A810201080006 停车制动器PQ190.16.2 Parking Brake PQ190.16.2
A810201080016 停车制动器PQ190.16B.2 Stop brake
A810201092001 制动器P190.19.1 Brake
A810201092004 踏板总成PQ190.22(a).1 Foot hold assembly
A810201092005 踏板PQ190.22(a).1.1 Foot hold
A810201092006 底座PQ190.22(a).1.2 Base
A810201092008 制动分泵P190.19.1.3A Brake Branch Pump P190.19.1.3A
SANY Motor grader PQ190II PQ190III PQ190IIIA PQ190C PY190 PQ190 S-JLS220C spare parts, whatsapp 86-18630852087
A810201092010 制动器PQ190A.16A.9 Brake PQ190A.16A.9
A810201159002 蝶形螺栓LTU90.1.15.8 Butterfly Bolt LTU90.1.15.8
A810201160004 超声波料位支座LTU90.22B Supersonic Expected Pos Support seat
A810201160006 固定架LTU90.22C.1 Fixed Mount LTU90.22C.1
A810201160007 固定座LTU90.22C.2 Fixed Seat LTU90.22C.2
A810201180002 喷洒系统LTU90.16.2 Sprinkling System
A810201180039 接管组件LTU120-2.16.4 Connecting pipe unit
A810201180041 清洗泵LTU120-2.16.1 Washing pump
A810201202026 仪表板总成YZC12-5.11A.4 Instrument panel Assy.
A810201202029 发动机线束总成YZC12-5.11A.6 Engine Harness Assy.
SANY Motor grader PQ190II PQ190III PQ190IIIA PQ190C PY190 PQ190 S-JLS220C spare parts, whatsapp 86-18630852087
A810201204009 三一摊铺机转换板硬件WTU95A.7.3.2 SANY paver change-over plate hardware
A810201204023 电路板总成PQ190Ⅱ.29.9.2 Circuit board assembly
A810201205075 前开关组PQ190A.29.17C Front switching group
A810201208010 驾驶室线束总成YZ18-5.11.3A Driver’s Cab Harness Assy
A810201208011 车架线束总成YZ18-5.11.4A Carriage cluster assem.
A810201208046 驾驶室线束总成YZC12ⅡF.11.7 Driver’s Cab Harness Assy
A810201208048 前车架线束总成YZC12-5ⅡF.11.5 Front Frame Harness Assy
A810201208049 后车架线束总成YZC12ⅡF.11.9 Rear Frame Harness Assy.
A810201208089 左车架线束PQ190Ⅱ.29.27 Left carriage harness

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