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Original PTO QC35-G21410 for dongfeng truck DF-1016
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Original PTO QC35-G21410 for dongfeng truck DF-1016

Original PTO QC35-G21410 for dongfeng truck

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Original PTO QC35-G21410 for dongfeng truck

Shaanxi Fast Auto Drive Group Co.,Ltd
Shaanxi Fast Gear Co.,Ltd
Technical requirement: G21410
Speed ratio: 1.241

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Acceleration Pedal Assy 1108010-T1500
Aie Flow Sensor 110940010JMT
Air Inlet Rubber Pipe (720mm) 1109770-T1501
Air Inlet Tempreture Sensor JE1008080ABA
A C Switch 3750017-T1500
Ignition lock 3704110-T1509
Cigarette Lighter Assy 3725010-T1500
Left side turn signal lamp 3726010-T1500
Right side turn signal lamp 3726020-T1500
Left cover with reflector assembly 3714041-T1500
Right cover with reflector assembly 3714042-T1500
Washing fluid reservoir assembly 3747010-T1500
Left Front Fog Lamp Assy 3732010-T1500
Right Front Fog Lamp Assy 3732020-T1500
Gearshift lever bulb assembly 1703035-T1500
Oil Reservoir Assy 1606010-T1500
Emergency alarm switch 3750013-T1500
Window lifter switch 3750070-T1500
Window lifter switch (Front passenger side) 3750065-T1500
Left front combination lamp 3772010-T1501
Right front combination lamp 3772020-T1501
Headlight electric control switch 3773010-T1500
Spiral cable 3658020-T1500
Combination Switch 3774010-T1501
Antenna Assy 3775030-T1501
Combination Instrument 3800010-T1514
Driver side exterior rearview mirror assembly 8202039-T1503
Rearview mirror assembly 8202040-T1503
Logo 5000515-T1500
Trim Strip 5000522-T1500
Sealing Sleeve, Steering Column 5104111-T1500
Right Lower Protective Shield, Steering C 5104115-T1500
Windshield Wiper Motor Assy 3741010-T1500
Wiper Linkage Assembly 5205010-T1500
Auxiliary wiper arm and blade assembly 5205040-T1500
Main wiper arm and blade assembly 5205030-T1500
Front Windshield 5206611-T1501
Front windscreen sealing strip 5206612-T1500
Steel cable assembly – with inner handle, shield, and snap joint 5301527-T1500
Grille sealing strip 5301516-T1500
Glovebox outer panel assembly 5305150-T1500
rear windshield glass 5603011-T1500
Rear windscreen sealing strip 5603642-T1500
Driver safety belt assembly 5810010-T1510
Driver safety belt buckle assembly 5810020-T1500
Passenger seat belt assembly 5810015-T1510
Passenger seat belt buckle assembly 5810025-T1500
Glass ,Left Front Door 6103009-T1500
Glass ,Right Front Door 6103010-T1500
Left Window Regulator Assy 6104009-T1500
Right Window Regulator Assy 6104010-T1500
Left door lock assembly 6105009-T1501
Right door lock assembly 6105010-T1501
A/C and heater controller assembly 8112010-T1500
Expension Valve 8101020-T1501
Expension Tank Assy 1311010-T1500
Left Rear Mud Guard 8403011-T1500
Right Rear Mud Guard 8403012-T1500
LEFT FOOTPLATE 8405011-T1500
Right footplate 8405012-T1500
Front bumper body assembly 8406010-T1500
Right fog lamp trim cover 8406016-T1500
Front grille 8406013-T1500
Left fog lamp trim cover 8406015-T1500
Cushion assembly, front mounting 5003030-VA0101
Condenser Assy 8105010-VA1501
Air Compressor Assy 8104010-V91711
Right bracket bumper block JE1001200BB
Left bracket bumper block JE1001100BB
Oil Pump Assy JE1011100SC
Oil cap JE1003220BB
Dipstick 1018600JGPB1
tension wheel Bracket JE1025200
Fuel Injector Assembly 1112100JQFB1
Injector O-ring JE1112012CAT
Pressure difference sensor 1205013CABB1
Thermostat JE1306050BB
Water Pump Assembly 1307100JQF
Sealing Ring, Water Pump JE1307013TCC1
Fan clutch assembly 1308100JZD
Driven Disc Assembly 1601200JSU
Pressure plate assembly 1601100JSU
power steering pump assembly 3407100JWBB1
Electronic Control Unit 3610100JNK
Camshaft sensor 3611040RAA
Location Sensor JE100191111
cooling fluid temperature sensor 3611050RAA
Oil pressure sensor JE1002080BB
Sensor,Temperature JE1306350DL
Generator Assembly 3701100JTM
Starter Assembly JE3708100SBJB1
electric heating plug JE3770100SC
Release Bearing Seat Assembly 523L-0040A23
Fuel Tank Assy-Left 1101010-VA1501
Fuel Volume Sensor Assy 3827010-VA1601
Air Filter Assy 1109010-V91711
Intercooler Assy 1119010-EG0101
Radiator Assy 1301010-V91711
Starter Relay Assy 37QA-35085-B
Left Rear Combination Lamp Assy 37QF18-73010
Right Rear Combination Lamp Assy 37QF18-73020
Odometer Sensor Assy 3836010-H01111
Right Connector Assembly 1022EZC2A-3003070
Tie rod body 100T-1-3003301B
Left Connector Assembly 1022EZC2A-3003060
Bushing, Steering Knuckle 1029E-3001033
steering knuckle pin 130-3001030B
cover, steering knuckle pin BJ130-3001018B
Pin GB/T91
Oil seal BJ130-3103085
Oil seal FB55X85X12(20.1) GB/T9877
Bearing GB/T297
Brake Disc 3000010-VB0501-51
Front Hub 3000010-VB0501-52
Bearing GB/T297
Wheel hub bolt 212-3103008A
Hub nut 3103055-VB0101
Left inner friction block assembly 3000010-VK0301-3430
Right inner friction block assembly 3000010-VK0301-3530
Outer friction block assembly 3000010-VK0301-3431
Oil seal 4206540570
Bearing 9704510360
Bearing 9705010490
Clutch Slave Pump Assy 1605010-V91712
Shock Absorber Assy 2921010-VA0101
Inner Washer, Shock Absorber Shackle 29QA-02274
Rubber Bushing, Shock Absorber Shackle 2901272-Q39401
Outer Washer, Shock Absorber Shackle 29QA-02276
Shock Absorber Assy 2921040-VB0602
Drag Rod Assy 3412110-VA0101
Steering oil tank with bracket assembly 3410010-V91711
License Plate Lamp Assy 3717010-Q22925
Gearshift lever shield assembly 51DN15-02060-B
Wiper assembly (including parts of1-8) 5205010-CA3101
Drive assembly 52V66-05020
Glass, windshield (FR) 52DE12-06011
Seal, windshield (FR) 52V66A-06012-B
Front wall upper grille 5302011-G07101
Front wall center hood assembly 5302040-G07102
Left outer side panel assembly 5412019-G01101
Right outer side panel assembly 5412020-G01101
Front badge 5000310-G01101
Front wall grille assembly 5302060-G07102
Steering column upper shield assembly 5302710-G01001
Steering column lower shield assembly 5301220-E56321
Right glove box assembly 53DN15-02190
Middle glove box assembly 53DN15-02180
Heater control mechanism assembly 8101030-CA0102
Left side window assembly 54DE12-02059
Right side window assembly 54DE12-02060
Side window sealing strip assembly 54V49-02070-A
Left assistant wheel casting assembly 54DN15-02079
Right pedal 5413032-G01101
Right auxiliary wheel cover sealing strip 54DN21-02084
Clip - rear wall guard plate 56DN15-03010
Seal, windshield glass (RR) 56V66-03014
Sun visor 57DN15-04011
Door glass assembly (LH) 6103009-Q35931
Door glass assembly (RH) 6103010-Q35931
Left door lock and operation mechanism assembly 6105009-CD63431-C
Right door lock and operation mechanism assembly 6105010-CD63431-C
Left door interior handle guard 61DN15-02041
Right door interior handle guard 61DN15-02042
Exterior rearview mirror assembly 82DN14-02020
Wide-angle mirror assembly 8202050-C62837
Lower view mirror assembly 8219010-C62837
Blind spot mirror assembly 8219020-H04221
Left front suspension bracket assembly 5003019-C24411
Right front suspension bracket assembly 5003020-C24311
Left drawbar hook trim cover - front bumper 8422053-G07101
Right drawbar hook trim cover - front bumper 8422054-G07101
Front bumper weldment assembly - unpainted 8422020-G07101
Left/right splash-proof mudguard assembly 8425029-CA3801
Left rear mudguard bracket assembly 8425157-CA3801
Right rear splash-proof mudguard assembly 8425030-CA3801
Right rear fender connecting bracket assembly 8425160-C24411-B
Driven gear, odometer L136-3802034
O-sealing ring J80-1702028
Odometer connector J80A-3802032B
Cushion assembly - engine front mounting 1001030-CA0101
Cushion assembly - engine rear mounting 1001150-CA0101
Process fitting, fuel tank and fuel sensor subassembly 1101001-CA3801
Intercooler assembly 1119010-CA0101
Rubber hose - intercooler 11DA01-18114
Air outlet steel pipe - intercooler 1119012-C72931
Air outlet hose - intercooler 1119122-CA1201
Rubber hose - intercooler 11DA01-18114
Air intake pipe - intercooler 1119011-CA1201
IIntake hose - supercharger outlet 1119123-C72131
Leading pipe assembly of air intake - cab 1109810-E21321
Air cleaner assembly 1109010-CA3801
Radiator assembly 1301010-CA1201
Expansion tank assembly 1311010-E20801-A
Master cylinder assembly, clutch 1604010-C63421
Clutch booster assembly 1608010-C26152
Accelerator pedal assembly 1108010-CA3102
Gear shifting cable shaft with ball joint assembly 1703060-C63421
Intermediate propeller shaft and support assembly 2202010-CE0601
Drive shaft with slide fork assembly 2201010-C26152
Shock absorber assembly 2921010-C39545
Shock absorber assembly 2921DR06-010
Drag link assembly 3412110-CA4201
Steering fluid reservoir assembly 3410010-C24411
Manual brake valve assembly - vehicle 3517010-EE0301
Combination instrument assembly 3801010-C73811
Wiper motor assembly 3741010-CA3101
Front left combination lamp assembly 3772010-CA3101
Front right combination lamp assembly 3772020-CA3101
Fog lamp assembly (FR, LH) 3732020-CA3101
Fog lamp assembly (FR, RH) 3732030-CA3101
Left rear combination lamp assembly 37QB10H-73010-B
Right rear combination lamp assembly 37QB10H-73020-B
Side turn signal assembly (LH) 37DN14-26210
Side turn signal assembly (RH) 37DN14-26220
Left door window lifter assembly (electric) 6104009-C62931
Right door window lifter assembly (electric) 6104010-C62931
Electric window switch assembly 3750720-EA0101
Electronic odometer sensor assembly 3836010-C22012
CLUTCH DISC 1601130-CB5101
CLUTCH PLATE 1601090-C26152
AIR DRIYER 3543010-CB4001
AIR BRAKE VALVE 3533010-CA3102
Alarm switch assembly 3750060-CE3101
rear Marker Lamp Assy 3731020-C35032
Outline marker lamp assembly (FR) 37A01-31010
Brake lamp switch assembly 3750410-Q38531
Outer open handle, left front door 6105225-CD63431
Ignition and key subassembly 3704110-CA3801
STARTER C5319202
Kingpin, steering knuckle 30B14-01021
Upper bushing 30Q68-01019
Adjusting shim, steering knuckle 30D5-01022~01029
Wedge lock pin 30D-01031
Thrust bearing assembly 30B-01035
Oil seal assembly, wheel hub (FR) 31Q68-03080
Left front wheel bolt 31VS02B-03051
Right front wheel bolt 31VS02B-03052
Wheel hub (FR) 31WS04K-03015
Outer bearing assembly, wheel hub (FR) 31Q02-03020
Left front wheel nut 31QS03D-03055
Right front wheel nut 31QS03D-03056
Tie rod connector assembly (RH) 3303Q99-060
Tie rod connector assembly 3303Q99-059
Front-left air chamber assembly Q1-3519D-010
Front-right air chamber assembly Q1-3519D-015
Front-left automatic adjusting arm 3501050ZC1
Front-right automatic adjusting arm 3501051ZC1
Front brake disc HT1082JQ-3501105
Brake shoe (FR, LWR) HT1082JQ-3501101
Oil seal assembly - rear axle wheel hub 24RDS02K-01090
Tapered roller bearing 7814E
Outer nut, wheel (RR, LH) 31RS04J-04055
Outer nut, wheel (RR, RH) 31RS04J-04056
Inner nut, wheel (RR, LH) 31RS04J-04053
Inner nut, wheel (RR, RH) 31RS04J-04054
Wheel bolt (LH) 31RS07G-04051
Wheel bolt (RH) 31RS07G-04052
Rear brake friction plate HT1082JQ-3502105
Rear brake adjusting beam assembly 35D-02050-A
PTO QC35-G21410
Rear left spring brake air chamber 3530V65A-001
Rear right spring brake air chamber 3530V65A-002
Turbo Charge Assembly JE1118300ABY
exhaust valve JE1003012BB
intake valve JE1003011BBB1
Cylinder head gasket JE1002060SCB1-B1
Cylinder Head Bolt JE1003014DL
Cylinder Head Bolt JE1003023CAT
1st air ring JE1004014CAT
2nd air ring JE1004015CAT
Piston ring JE1004050SCB1
Pin,Piston JE1004011TAR
High Pressure Fuel Pump Assembly 1111300JQF
High pressure fuel rail assembly 1129700JQF
Reading lamp 3714020-T1502
Steering column front guard 5104101-T1501
Steering column rear guard 5104102-T1501
power steering gear assembly 3401010-VA0102
Condenser assembly 8105010-CA0802
piston pin clasp JE1004012BB
Piston JE1004060CATB1
Link Rod Part JE1004100BBA1
Bearing,Connecting Rod JE1004018AD
crank shaft JE1005011TAR
Flywheel JE1005060TARC1
Front Oil Seal, Crank Shaft JE1002450TCB1
Rear Oil Seal, Crank Shaft JE1002070BBB1
Upper Bearing Shell JE1002015AD
Lower Bearing Shell JE1002016AD
Thrust Piece, Crank Shaft JE1002014BB
Camshaft JE1006011TAR
Gasket,Exhaust Manifold JE1008060ADB1
Manifold,Exhaust 1008013JEN
Gasket, Oil Pan JE1009011BBB1
Nut,Hexagon Flange JE1009903BB
Bolt JE1002908BB
Welded Oil Pan Unit JE1009050YALB1
Sealing Ring, Cylinder Head Cover JE1003205TCE1